Looking through Lake Tahoe Photo Booths, but don’t want to pay a delivery fee for some DJ from Sacramento?  Hire Exposure Photo Booths!  We have a South Lake Tahoe location, and we also have the highest quality photo booth service in the entire Lake Tahoe basin.  It’s a no brainer!  Check out our local Tahoe Yelp page here:


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We often hear of prospective clients who are considering booking their DJ’s unmanned “photo booth” as part of a package deal.  While we understand having a budget, we just want the consumer to know exactly what they are getting.  There is a huge quality discrepancy between what most DJ’s offer as a photo booth side product, and what a specialist like Exposure Photo Booths brings to the table.  Exposure only offers high end photo booths.  We wouldn’t dream of offering DJ service, because we don’t know anything about it!  Why would a client consider having a DJ, who knows very little about photography, provide their photo booth?  Your event is a once in a lifetime occasion.  In our experience, if a client’s budget doesn’t allow a professional photo booth company, they are usually better off just to omit the photo booth from their event.

Here are a couple differences between a specialist and someone offering a side product:

  1. They don’t use a pro camera.  Make sure they use a DSLR.  Ask them exactly what model camera they use.  And make 100% sure they aren’t using a grainy, low quality web cam!  My gosh!  That would be a travesty!
  2. They don’t man the photo booth.  Not only does Exposure provide someone on hand to help guests take their photos, use the props, and insert their photos neatly in your scrapbook – but that person is a professional photographer!  Not an “attendant,” or “event host” – but a pro!  We constantly tweak your lighting, framing and every aspect of every single photo, so you don’t miss out on a “good one!”
  3. They have no clue about flash photography basics.  Their photos are usually either under or over exposed.  Would your standards for the event rather be “Well, you can see the guests in their photos” or “wow, our photos are crisp, perfectly exposed, and the type of photos we actually want to keep forever” ??
  4. Why don’t they have an online gallery??  Would you hire a photographer without seeing their portfolio?  Our online gallery is free, and available for anyone to check out to see the quality of our photos.  gallery.exposure-photobooths.com

At the very least, just to help you learn exactly what you are buying, please, click the link below to download our free report, “9 Questions You Should Ask When Comparing Photo Booth Vendors.”  You don’t have to submit any of your information.  Even if you don’t end up booking Exposure, at least this will help you understand exactly what you are getting as a consumer.


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What better way to commemorate your child’s first birthday than a huge party in Tahoe with all of your closest friends and family?

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